Simplifying I.T Solutions

At EDGEPOINT Computer Services we pride ourselves on offering effective network support and supply solutions to all our corporate customers. Over the past years we have a built up a large client base throughout the Country and strive to create productive and lasting relationships with our customers. We are committed to working with you in partnership to develop your IT resources whatever the budget. This partnership should help you improve productivity, efficiency and ultimately profitability.

Network Support Services
Nowadays designing and maintaining a network is critical to the success of the vast majority of businesses. At EDGEPOINT we aim to work with you to create the best solution for your individual business. Our team of engineers can suggest ideas to maximize the effectiveness, reliability and scalability of your network. We can supply and fit everything from the cabling to the server and other assets associated with your network. We will install the operating systems and software. We can provide the support that your network needs in the format that you prefer, from a full Service Level Agreement (SLA) with complete support, to an adhoc when-you-need-it agreement, whichever suits you, our services department can provide it.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)
All networks need maintenance action from time to time. To make sure your network has maximum uptime, regular maintenance combined with monitoring is absolutely essential.

EDGEPOINT can provide a comprehensive maintenance service in addition to being able to upgrade your network to match your business expectations. We believe our Service Level Agreements are the best investment you can make for your networks.

We can tailor our agreements to suit you. Please call 0414 680653 to find out how we can help you improve your IT resources with our Full and Lite Service Level Agreements.

Ensuring that your Computer or Network is fully protected against today's threats from viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware and hackers, is vital. It is no good waiting until your e-mail stops working or you cannot access your data before taking action. We strongly recommend that you consider some or all of the following options to secure your system:

  • Anti-virus Software
  • Firewalls
  • Software Patches
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Physical Security
  • Backups

In today’s online marketplace, protecting your network and data is your highest priority– and if your staff is using the Internet, your business is most certainly at risk. With EDGEPOINT on your side for network security and firewall solutions, you can finally take the worry out of using the Internet and get back to what matters most: running your business!
EDGEPOINT Network Security Features & Benefits;

  • Reporting– keep track of employee Internet habits and usage
  • Threat protection– ensure spyware, malware, viruses and hackers can’t penetrate your network
  • Filtering & blocking– set controls for which sites your employees can and can’t visit
  • Flat fee pricing– your monthly payment won’t change and includes everything you need to protect your network, along with help desk support when you need it most.

Data and Disaster Recovery
Your data and access to it is vital to your business. Loss of data has the possibility to cripple and setback your operations. Downtime where your systems are unavailable causes a rapidly escalating loss of man hours and earnings the longer your systems are down.
EDGEPOINT can provide monitored Backup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions. Combining all three of these provides you with a robust solution to your data protection needs and gives you the price of mind that your data is always going to available to you when you need it.

We tailor our backup solutions to suit you. Please call 0414 680653 to find out how we can help you improve your Backup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery situation.