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Capacity Development

Capacity Development

EDGEPOINT takes capacity development as a very important tool because; it prevents a
dependency relationship on outsiders from forming, it encourages local people to take
action on local issues by themselves, It also fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment
so that community partners gain greater control over their own future development.
EDGEPOINT does this in numerous professional ways;

i. Training Delivery Service

At EDGEPOINT we believe that the most valuable capital of each company or Organisation in
today’s rapidly changing business world in order to be competitive, it is essential for each
organization to train its people constantly in order to develop and upgrade their knowledge
and skills. That is why, based on our experience and lessons-learned in long standing
successful business practice, we developed the training delivery service, including:

  • Identification of training needs and design of training programs
  • Delivering seminars and training programs
  • Implementation of training actions and outcomes assessment

We help our clients in private and public sector to continuously reinforce their capacity
through tailor-made training. We have experienced consultants who can help you improve
your business in the following areas:


  • Organizational Restructuring & Transformation
  • Corporate Strategy & Business Planning
  • Integrated Restructuring
  • Corporate & Project Finance
  • Operations Improvement & Performance Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • ICT Strategy & Transformation
  • Information & Systems Security
  • Design & Tender Management
  • Programme, Project & Contract Management
  • Technical Advisory Services
  • Management Consulting


ii. Leadership development and capacity Building

EDGEPOINT offers cutting-edge leadership development and capability building services,
with a view of enabling client executives and staff to effectively drive business development
and innovation within their organizations.

In this domain, our services are mainly provided in the form of training activities, focused on
selected subject areas, which have been defined on the basis of multiple criteria, such as
relevance to leadership and cutting-edge issues of global interest.

We provide an integrated learning experience, which is carefully designed and customized to
the different performance development needs, culture and organizational strategy of each
client, especially in the fields of organization of seminars and events and the development
of training material.

iii. Technical Knowledge Based training

EDGEPOINT offers a broad range of technical knowledge based trainings, indicatively

covering the following subject areas: Business Management. As in; Marketing & Sales

Strategy, Human Resources Management, Change Management. Information &

Communication Technologies; IT Governance, IT Service Management, Information Security

Management. Project & Contract Management; Preparing for the PMP & CAMP Certification

Examination, Management and the Organization: The concept of the PMO, Project Planning

with WBS, Contract Management. Financing Projects; Winning and Implementing PPP

Projects, Project Finance